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Viber International Ballot Award 2019

Viber International Ballot Award 2019

Viber International Ballot Award 2019 held everyday for those customers who recharge their sim regularly. so if you would like to be a winner of Viber lucky draw 2019 keep recharging your phone. you can be a Viber lottery winner 2019 soon and you will receive confirmation message from Viber lottery head office. There are lot of Viber lottery winner 2019 and we provided complete list of Viber lottery winner below the page if you find your name in these listed name congratulations! you are the winner of Viber lottery.

About Viber Lottery Winner 2019

Beware! you can receive fake calls of Viber lottery don’t be leave on them they will loot your money. they are some fraud people you can call to Viber head office number to find out Viber head office will take action against him. there are many employees are working in Viber head office when you will call them one of them will talk you. you can register your complain about fraud and fake Viber lottery to Viber head office number. This is Viber phone number: 0019188444454.

Viber Lottery Winners List of 2019

Here is the latest Viber Lottery winner 2019 list for the Viber customers to contact Viber kbc head office number and whatsapp helpline. Viber Lottery Winner can gt their cash price of 25 lakh from any nearest bank by following simple steps. If you receive your lottery number in sms you are able to get your price money from kbc Viber head office. to confirm your Viber lottery just call to Viber head office number and there is Viber whatsapp helpline also available.
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Viber International Ballot Award 2019

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Viber Cash Prize Winners Of 2019 Result

To Check your Lottery Online Please Enter Your Winner Mobile Number and Lottery Number.

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If you Don't Have Lottery Number Please Call Us On Viber Prize Department Head Office Number 0019188444474.

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Viber Head Office Number UAE

Viber Online 25,00,000 Lottery Winners

Latest Cash Prize Winners List of Viber

  Congratulation!Ms.Kajee  15,00,000- 28 March  2019.

Lottery Winner of 15,00,000
Mobile Number:230****693
 viber lottery winner 2019


Name:Shrestha Rakesh
Prize Amount:25,00,000
Mobile Number:97798****686
viber prize 2018

Name:Rabindra Paudel

Prize Amount:30,60,000
Mobile Number:97798****733
Country: Nepal
viber winners 2018

Name: Tulsi Bahadur Chhetri

Mobile Number: 97798****031
Prize Amount: 50,00,000
Country: Nepal
viber lottery winners 2018

Name:Yousufi Ahmad Aaris

Mobile Number: 844****289
Lottery Amount:5,00,000 USD
Location : Afghanistan
viber lottery winners 2018

Name:Ahmad Amiri

Mobile Number:14054****406
Prize Amount:5,00,000 USD
viber prize winner 2018

Name:Adisu Kassie

Mobile Number:97254****529
Prize Amount:5,00,000 USD
viber lottery winners 2018
Name:Deep Bahadur Malla
Prize Amount:25,00,000 inr
Mobile Number:984****785
Country Name: Nepal
 viber lottery winner 2018

Name:Tej Man Thapa
Prize Amount:50,00,000 inr
Mobile No:980****948
Viber lottery winners 2018
Name: Mohammad Bin Al Abbar
Prize Amount: 200,000 AD
Location: Dubai
Mobile # : 0501*****901

Viber lucky draw,Viber winner 2018,Viber winners 2016
Name: Fatma Abdullah
Prize Amount: 20,000 KD
Location: Kuwait
Mobile # : 0542*****395

Viber lucky draw 2018
Name: Mohammad Ahsan
Prize Amount: 5,00,000
Location: Pakistan
Mobile # : 0549*****219

Viber cash prize winner 2016

Name: Chris Toper
Prize Amount: 50,000 USD
Location: United State
Mobile # : 0504*****556

Oordeoo Lottery Pirze Winner 2016
Name: Amrinder Patel
Prize Amount: 20,000
Location: Bahrain
Mobile # : 0507*****709

Viber lottery winner scheme,Viber lottery scheme
Name: Priya laxmi
Prize Amount: 20,000 KD
Location: Kuwait
Mobile # : 0569*****332

Name:Juma Al Majid
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 AED
Location: Dubai
Mobile # : 0556*****095

Viber lottery winner,Viber lottery prize winners 2016
Name:Adi Bitar
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 AED
Location: Qatar
Mobile # : 0568*****319

Viber new winner,Viber new winners 2018
Name:Fahad Al Hashmi
Prize Amount: 20,000 kd
Location: Kuwait
Mobile # : 0552*****990

Viber mobile lottery winner
Dear Lovers of Viber Game Congratulations! Now You Can Participate in Viber lottery Winner Without Any Registration, because Viber Connected to All Indian Sim card Companies. Your Sim card can Be Included in Viber Lucky Draw 2019. You can become Viber Lucky Winner of this Season. So Keep Connected With Viber. Beware From Fake Lottery Calls & SMS.

There are many lover of kbc lottery winner and Viber lottery winner who are willing to get lottery price. there are simple steps to get Viber lottery. if you have received lottery number first step is take is. just call to Viber head office number. they will let you know about your lottery. and they also will allow you to get lottery price. you have to submit some information about yourself.

Dear customer if you receive any fake call about Viber lottery winner 2019, then firstly confirm that’s true are not. Today you are receiving a lot of fake calls about Viber winner 2019. Dear Viber Customer if you receive any call from unknown Numbers, and receive lottery number/lucky number, then firstly confirm to our Viber Team, If you late then it’s harmful to you and your family. Thanks.

Viber lottery is one of the famous lottery in India many people change their life style by getting Viber lottery. you can also change your life style by getting Viber lottery. to get Viber lottery fast you can buy Viber lottery ticket from Viber head office. After buying Viber lottery ticket you will be able to get more chance to win Viber lottery. Get one of the best Viber lottery ticket for you. it will be winner Viber lottery ticket. Just call us to Viber kbc head office number and register your Viber tickets.

Instruction For Viber Winners.
  • Dear Viber customers now you can collect any type of information about your sim card.
  • Do not tell to anyone about your prize due to security reason, you want only call us for information about lottery cash.
  • Dear customer if you do publicity about your prize then the company does not help you about the lottery prize because when you do publicity about your prize, then any one can buy duplicate sim or he/she can harm full to you or your family.
  • Our duty is inform to you your duty act at it.
  • I think you do act at our warning and do every thing in life.
  • Congrats you and your complete family.
  • Be happy and do complete your dreams.